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Every step backwards or forwards that I ever took in my life was because of J.R.


He never pretended to be anything other than himself.


When I found out J.R. was my half brother I didn't know whether to celebrate or shoot myself.


Place and Time were two things that my father mastered.

John Ross

Ewings take care of Ewings. Always.


Look who's dancing on who's grave now.


I wish I had killed your father but somebody beat me to it.


I came to pay my disrespects and good riddance.


It's amazing to be in a room full of people and feel absolutely alone.

Sue Ellen

Half of these people are here to make sure he's really dead. The other half are here for the free drinks.

John Ross

He was as hot as hell because he was as bad as they come.


You want to know who killed your father? Half the people in this phone book wanted to.

Sue Ellen
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Dallas Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Tell your husband that he has not idea what he started.


Things with J.R. were hardly ever as they appears.

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