Kristen: What you saw was two broken hearted people that were reaching out to each other, Brady.
Brady: I'm glad you cleared that up because to me it looked like two horny people having sex.

Daniel: We were both in a really bad place.
Nicole: A place, you'd have to be in a horrible place like the third circle of hell.

Being book smart doesn't mean that you're not life stupid and you're majorly life stupid.


What are you going to do, give credence to a guy who not two weeks ago had the IQ of a salad bar?


Maybe the good news is that Will probably won't have the time to write exposes on his friends and family in Salem.


See the thing is with those beautiful people, you know with their perfect bone structure and their gorgeous hair and their boobs and their big green eyes. It's like they're so used to people kissing their ass they have absolutely no humility.


I don't want to hear it. You're always heart broken and devastated.


I'm sorry Dandelion, but no matter how much wine and weed you ply the poor stud with this time, even the ever forgiving Brady, he ain't giving you a pass on this one.


My daughter does not get to pick out any of the movies. OK? The stuff she likes and wishes she could watch, I swear to God it would make Hannibal Lecter hide his head.


Roman: I hear Hollywood can be tough.
Sami: Really, then they better watch out for me.

You've got no right, no right to judge Kristen. Your love for me, Dad, is just as twisted.


You're just a stupid idiot and you blew it with the most magnificent woman on the planet, didn't you?