Days of Our Lives

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Days of our lives
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Kate: I could only get two trunkfuls of my things delivered tonight.
Sami: Aw, just the pointy hats and brooms?

So you buckle up EJ, it's going to be a bumpy ride. Straight down.


Sami Brady, that nasty little piece. Who always pulls one over on other people. Who gets away with coverups and lies. But man, she sure got outdone by EJ Dimera.


She thinks that little Abby is a saint so I had to set her straight and make sure she knows her daughter is a home wrecking whore.


My husband cheated on me with the sweetheart of Sigma Chi.


You're as judgmental as your mother but with no self control.


Payback isn't a bitch, it's my pleasure.


Theresa he doesn't love you and when he really gets to know you he's going to hate you for the selfish, lying little loser whore that you are.


You guys were soapy and slip sliding around...and there's Abigail, promising God she's arriving sometime soon.


I have power over everything you care about, which obviously doesn't include me but I'll survive.


Don't spare me any of it. How young she was. How gorgeous she is. Those thighs. If you're going to cut me you want to jam that knife all the way in.


Kate: Men are only as faithful as their options, Sami.
Sami: What is that, from the hooker handbook?

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What a waste of a huge talent.

T (about the stripper)

You know you're not the first guy to let Kate Roberts ruin his life. Hell, you're not even the first guy in this room.