I got to be Cinderella's evil step-sister, and I killed it.


Hanging those big, old, ancient ornaments on their ugly Horton tree.


(to Clyde) Why don't you save your hayseed hack for the suckers that buy it.


I am not obsessing. I simply asked for a person's name and I got 20 minutes of Dr. Phil.


She is a, what's the technical term? Whack job.


Theresa: Brady looked at me like he hated me.
Anne: He does hate you but not because you were mean to the new nurse but because you bashed his father's head in with a fireplace poker and let Brady think he did it.
Theresa: Oh my God are we ever going to move on from that!

Go to the gym. Beat up on a heavy bag but not yourself.


You've been screwed to the wall twice by some world class bitches and you think you're just suppose to forgive and forget like Francis of Assisi or something.


Marlena: Why do you care who Eric is with? Whether it's a friend or somebody who's more than a friend because the two of you are done.
Nicole: Well thank you for the reminder, only next time can you try to keep the glee out of your voice.

The issue Melanie, the issue is that you can't go all American ninja warrior on people in that hospital.


Theresa: I swear to god, if I have to see Melanie Jonas here on a regular basis I'll stop working here. I will.
Anne: How will I know the difference?

Kate: Seriously though, you should be careful. He's out to crucify you, he's not going to let up.
Chad: Well he better or your ex-boy toy is going to find out that he's taken on the wrong guy.

Days of Our Lives Quotes

Don't spare me any of it. How young she was. How gorgeous she is. Those thighs. If you're going to cut me you want to jam that knife all the way in.


Man, who knew that the truth could be so useful!