Man, there's no way I'm gonna change your mind, is there? Cause you don't have a clue what you want. Fair warning, Belle. Until you figure that out, you're never going to be happy.


Maggie, I'm not afraid of many things, but I thought if I told you I might lose you.


Don't you dare go meet that piece of... don't meet him anywhere! He's insane, he's just like his dad, he's dangerous!


Okay. You couldn't go another minute without coffee. You made some. Now what? Do I get an answer?


No what the hell am I supposed to do? And where the hell is Andre?


You are the most important thing. Nothing in this world matters except you.


You know, we go back a long way too. Don't you think I deserve to know the whole story?


Stefano Dimera may be dead, but evil has a particular stench and it doesn't matter who's it coming off.


What if I were wrong? What if I killed the wrong man?


You killed the wrong man.

Voice on Phone

Andre: You are a miserable disappointment to our family name and you always have been!
Chad: Listen! Our father was amoral and dictatorial and greedy for power. He did a lot of terrible things in his life. But there was some semblance of humanity. He loved his children. His grandchildren. He had a tender place in his heart for all of us. While you? You have no heart. You are nothing but pure evil.

If you're looking for absolution or whatever, I can't do that for you. That's something you have to do for yourself.


Days of Our Lives Quotes

I would like to earn the right to hold your hand. Just tell me that that is impossible. I will move mountains.


Maybe God needs a little help from your friends.

Maggie Maybe God has another plan for Victor and me. Nicole