If we had souls, we would be soulmates.


Maybe God needs a little help from your friends.

Maggie Maybe God has another plan for Victor and me. Nicole

Hope: Bo died. Did you know that? He had cancer. He died in my arms.
Aiden: Sorry.
Hope: He was held prisoner just like you were.
Aiden: Why are you telling me this?
Hope: Because a lot of things that I believed about my life turned out not to be true. Bo never stopped loving me and you only started to love me when you were paid a lot of money to do so. I don't know what to think about anything right now, and I don't want any pressure from you.

Aiden: Thinking about you and how much I love you, that is what kept me alive. And I know you love me too.
Hope: Past tense.

It's not what I want to do. Legally we have to let him go.


Aiden: What I do is not your business.
Rafe: If it involves Hope, it is my business.

Science fiction, really? That's kind of funny. Evil twins are a Dimera specialty.


What if I can't ever be the mom Thomas deserves? What if I'll never be a good mom? What do I have to live for?


I thought we'd have a little chat... about Aiden.


I think I'm a bad mother. I don't think I know how to do this because I don't even know to comfort my own baby.


Ciara: I didn't think you'd be into scrapbooking.
Chad: I'm not, actually. I'm trying to put something together that'll give my wife a reason to want to come home.

You killed him, he goes in your trunk.


Days of Our Lives Quotes

Looks like it's gonna be a night of flicks and chill.


No, you're right, if this was the old Abigail. Before she was terrorized by Ben, she would have done anything to let me know that she was okay.