What, did you arrange for Victor to have a lobotomy?


Deimos: Do you have a problem with champagne?
Kate: No, I have a problem with being summoned.

Come on, baby. We don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow but we have tonight.


You go upstairs and rest and I won't be a jerk. (Pauses) Well, I'll try not to be a jerk.


Steve: Don't shoot me.
Marlena: Don't tempt me.

Chad: What do you think?
JJ: It's very risky.

We have to get him to leave town as soon as possible!

Mama Hernandez

Didn't the love of a wonderful woman turn you into the warm, fuzzy teddy bear of a man everyone thinks you are today?


So you met a woman who caused you to change your whole reasos for living in the course of 24 hours? What's her name? Oprah.


Belle: Don't you want to get along with Brady?
Philip: It's a two way street.

No one can touch me. No one can hurt me.


It's not fair, is it? The people who shouldn't be parents are and the people who should be parents never get a chance.