Try to lose that self-righteous tone, will you, Rafe? We both know full well who killed my father.


Deimos: I'm not worried about Kate.
Nicole: No? Have you done any research on her, at all? Any at all? That woman always lands on her feet, believe me.

You said you'd changed. A whole new outlook, remember?


Kate: Birds gotta fly. Fish gotta eat.
Nicole: Wow. And here I was starting to think you actually had a heart.

I was so, so angry. Which was stupid. I mean, it's not your fault that you look like a woman he loved 30 years ago, right?


Dr. Robinson is lying. You are never going to get better.


Chad: Why do you care? You don't even know Abby.
Andre: No, but I know you. You're all I have, Chad. I've done some terrible things to people, especially those closest to me. I swore if I were ever released I'd try to make amends. Father's gone and we should stick together!

Welcome to the club. Kate tried to murder me and she framed Parker's dad for it.


Well, come on. Titan can't afford to have one of its companies being run by a murderer.


This is not your home. Put the money back and get the hell out.


Brady: Look, you can push us away as much as you want but we're never gonna stop loving you.
Justin: Is it worth it?
Victor: Is what worth it?
Justin: Having to win all the time.

Brady: You don't actually believe that Nicole pushed Deimos into the Salem River, do you?
Victor: Is that too farfetched?
Brady: Yeah, it is.
Victor: Do I need to remind you that she tried to kill me?
Brady: I can't say I blame her.

Days of Our Lives Quotes

Hope: Excuse me. Officer Brady was hired on the recommendation of the Commissioner.
Rains: The Commissioner is his uncle!

Thank you for loving me even though I'm me.