Wait, wait. You have to continue bedding her to make sure the deal doesn't get blown. Is that what you call being a good lawyer, Justin or a whore.


But if you do anything to hurt my daughter you'll have to answer to me and just so we're clear that rap sheet included running someone over with a car, so you understand.


Will, missing a birthday is messing up. Cheating is a betrayal of everything that a marriage is suppose to be.


You are on the ground and my heel is on your throat after all these years.


Abigail: At least she is consistent. She's always a bitch.
Melanie: It's almost an art form for her.

(about Theresa) You know what? That girl could really use a hug or electro-shock therapy.


(to Theresa) It's so ironic that you work in human resources since you're not a human and you don't have any resources.


Trying to be nice gets you nowhere in this town.


You want to explain to me why you took all your clothes off and got into bed with my son. Were you helping him with his science project?


Leading up to the truth you told me nothing but lies. Was I just suppose to take your word for it?


Abigail: Mom, please tell me you are not planning on breaking into Eve's apartment.
Jennifer: Well, not technically because I have her keys.

Paul: I'm kind surprised to hear from you.
Sonny: Right, you figured since you slept with my husband, I wouldn't want to chat.

Days of Our Lives Quotes

Will: There's nothing you can do.
Sonny: No Kiriakis has ever, ever accepted that premise.

Abe: Well maybe motherhood will mellow her.
John: A tranquilizer dart couldn't mellow her.