I'm not going to stand here and beg you. Either you want the job or you don't.


All we need is a big opening. You put on a white tuxedo jacket like Rick in Casablanca.


Now more than ever I need to work for us, don't I?


The person who has the biggest problem with people knowing you're gay is you.


I am not putting this behind us and you want to know why? Because I see you for the lethal, toxic snake that you are.


Yeah, that's me. The guy that women feel they can open up to, feel comfortable around, kind of like an old shoe.


Nicole: Daniel, that's why I'm telling you all this. I don't want to take it slow.
Daniel: Yeah, I kind of got that when I saw you in that dress.

Why do men's eyes go right to your research?


You are such a good person. Good people confuse me.


I've only read two e-mails from the woman and already I want to do a lot more than threaten her. My favorite type, a vindictive woman who can't spell.


Leverage is always a good thing, even with the people you care about.


You're both acting like two squirrels in a bag. What the hell's going on with you two?


Days of Our Lives Quotes

(to Kate) Stefano is a bastard. He's evil incarnate. We've both known that for decades.


You know Maggie I realize that you sunk your teeth into the richest man in ten states but that doesn't mean that everybody else is a gold digger too.