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What a waste of a huge talent.

T (about the stripper)

To the parents of out, proud, gay sons everywhere.


He's always loved me more. We both know that.


Nick: So maybe you should think about the fact that you're dealing with someone who is very likely smarter than you.
EJ: Not smart enough to know when you've met your match.

I know that we all want to wish Jennifer and Daniel all the happiness in the world but I can't do that 'cause some people in this room are acting like a bunch of spoiled brats.


Oh honey, that girl is judging the size of your wallet and waiting for her chance.


Don't worry we didn't put any pot in the pizzas.


Jenn: I think we should all play a game.
Nicole: Oh please, dear God, no. What? I don't like games.
Eric: Strange, I thought that was your specialty.

Wow. You look like you could use a drink almost as much as I do.


You know Maggie I realize that you sunk your teeth into the richest man in ten states but that doesn't mean that everybody else is a gold digger too.


When he tries to mimic human behavior that's when he's creepiest.


Eric, and Brady and I are all suffering because of your arrogance and your stupidity in bringing that evil bitch back into our lives.

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Days of Our Lives Quotes

EJ, it made me feel like piece of my soul had been ripped out of my body and I would never get it back.


Payback isn't a bitch, it's my pleasure.

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