Abigail: A woman of your class not to mention your ageā€¦
Kate: Careful, my pretty.

Jordan is playing you like a walleyed pike and the rest of us can just sit back and watch while she reels you in.


From that do-gooder scheme that's the brain child of, and I'm using the word brain advisedly, of those two airheads who could barely run a hair dryer together.


Chad: You mind telling me what that little show down at the hospital was today?
Kate: What show?
Chad: The one where you got the media to appoint your little hillbilly boyfriend as the patron saint of Salem.

If you don't think there's room enough for the two of us in this town, you rest assured, I will make room.


Well, actually yeah. I went home and I was like, Hey Mom, guess what? I totally just bagged Eve, who happens to be your worst enemy. High five.


I'm thinking we should rename it the wine club because there is not a lot of reading happening.


I'm not going to stand here and beg you. Either you want the job or you don't.


All we need is a big opening. You put on a white tuxedo jacket like Rick in Casablanca.


Now more than ever I need to work for us, don't I?


The person who has the biggest problem with people knowing you're gay is you.


I am not putting this behind us and you want to know why? Because I see you for the lethal, toxic snake that you are.


Days of Our Lives Quotes

Don't spare me any of it. How young she was. How gorgeous she is. Those thighs. If you're going to cut me you want to jam that knife all the way in.


Man, who knew that the truth could be so useful!