Theresa: Well, next time you don't know where to turn, just remember: NOT HERE!

Philip: I sat here watching you sleep, trying to wrack my brain for some way to make up for what I've done.
Victor: Well, then you'd have to go back on time, change every stupid decision you've made.

John: He's just a couple of minutes late.
Roman: He's being sentenced this morning. Judges hate waiting. They punish people for making them wait. Eric could pay bigtime for being just a few minutes late.

Can I get you anything, like a cab ride home?


Remember when you did htis to me? Remember? Hmm?


I was supposed to be better than this.


I'm not worried. Ben's not a problem for me anymore.


Chad: Is he still sleeping?
Abby: Yeah, he is. He's out like a light.

Okay, well, this is now and I'm me. And I'm gone.


Incidentally, can you please stop looking at me like that whenever you see me?


I know I made a terrible mistake. And I need you, Ben.


I will never love anyone like you. You were my world.