Welcome to the club. Kate tried to murder me and she framed Parker's dad for it.


Well, come on. Titan can't afford to have one of its companies being run by a murderer.


This is not your home. Put the money back and get the hell out.


Brady: Look, you can push us away as much as you want but we're never gonna stop loving you.
Justin: Is it worth it?
Victor: Is what worth it?
Justin: Having to win all the time.

Brady: You don't actually believe that Nicole pushed Deimos into the Salem River, do you?
Victor: Is that too farfetched?
Brady: Yeah, it is.
Victor: Do I need to remind you that she tried to kill me?
Brady: I can't say I blame her.

What the hell happened? You're supposed to be keeping her safe in here!


I think this is a mistake, to flout tradition, especially for someone with your luck.


I want to see my wife. I just want to see my wife.


Victor: The police knocking on your door?
Justin: Not yet. But they're bound to find out you're working with Nicole to bring down Deimos. They're asking all the right questions.
Victor: That would be novel.

It's just really hard living somewhere where you're not really wanted.


I hope Deimos Kiriakis is okay, not because I like the guy, but because if he is dead this thing is gonna get very ugly very fast. It's bizarre. I have a feeling it's gonna end badly for someone. It could end badly for you, Kate. Have a nice day.


I don't know where this will lead me. I don't know where any of this is going with Aiden. But I did love him. I married him. Then I hated him. I have to see where this goes. I have to see it through. I have to. So I can move on with my life, to see if we can get back what we lost because of Stefano or to find out that we never can.