Clyde: I greet each and every day with a smile on my face, Victor.
Victor: Most idiots do.

So you're afraid we're going to hate dating or, and this is just off the top of my head, you're afraid my dad is going to kick your ass.


So we're on our date to discuss if we should date.


You know when I came to work for a powerful, international mogul I just didn't expect to be talking about old girlfriends.


I do not want to cater to the Duck Dynasty crowd.


Abigail: A woman of your class not to mention your ageā€¦
Kate: Careful, my pretty.

Jordan is playing you like a walleyed pike and the rest of us can just sit back and watch while she reels you in.


From that do-gooder scheme that's the brain child of, and I'm using the word brain advisedly, of those two airheads who could barely run a hair dryer together.


Chad: You mind telling me what that little show down at the hospital was today?
Kate: What show?
Chad: The one where you got the media to appoint your little hillbilly boyfriend as the patron saint of Salem.

If you don't think there's room enough for the two of us in this town, you rest assured, I will make room.


Well, actually yeah. I went home and I was like, Hey Mom, guess what? I totally just bagged Eve, who happens to be your worst enemy. High five.


I'm thinking we should rename it the wine club because there is not a lot of reading happening.


Days of Our Lives Quotes

You and Will may patch things up which might be a euphemism for postponing the inevitable. A nice word for salvaging something that's never going to work. Sometimes, and it's not fun, we have to cut our losses and move on.


Good pie can turn people bad.