His sole goal was always to make you happy and obviously you're on the same page cause everything that you do is also to make you happy and to hell with anybody else.


It was one of the finest weddings that Salem has ever had. No one was shot. No one was arrested. No one found out they were pregnant but more importantly for all of those doubters, the world did not fall apart because these two fine men pledged to love each other forever.


Hope: Can you picture them as teenagers?
Aiden: Oh, we are dead, especially if they team up.

I think that girl is just what the boy needs. He's going to learn fast.


Theresa: You sound so shocked. Yes I donate blood and I'm nice to my grandmother and small children, that is when I’m not biting the heads off chickens.
Melanie: Sadly that last part I can believe.

This damn bad habit of blaming everyone else for Will's mistakes. Will is not the victim here. You know what, actually mistake is a pretty generous word for cheating on his husband.


Aiden: Is this where I get the third degree?
John: No, I already know you're not good enough for Hope. Nobody is.

Hope: Someone just wanted to get here really early.
Aiden: What? It's my only chance to try the ring toss before I have to shove a kid out of the way.

I mean he was so not even close to Mr. Right. He was barely Mr. Right Now.


Hope: All that Mayberry: RFD stuff, do you buy it, any of it?

You're sensitive about getting an ex-priest into the sack so you can grab his elephant.


(to Kate) Stefano is a bastard. He's evil incarnate. We've both known that for decades.


Days of Our Lives Quotes

Will: There's nothing you can do.
Sonny: No Kiriakis has ever, ever accepted that premise.

Abe: Well maybe motherhood will mellow her.
John: A tranquilizer dart couldn't mellow her.