You know Jennifer if you keep frowning like that you're going to get wrinkles. Wait, even more wrinkles.


Will: Everything's fine.
Marlena: Have you met me? That won't fly here.

You know, honey if you're going to expect applause every time you do your job right, you should really ask your girlfriend because that dull as dishwater slut should be good for something.


Our whole family history is in these boxes.


What an improvement over DiMera's one and two.


I got to be Cinderella's evil step-sister, and I killed it.


Hanging those big, old, ancient ornaments on their ugly Horton tree.


(to Clyde) Why don't you save your hayseed hack for the suckers that buy it.


I am not obsessing. I simply asked for a person's name and I got 20 minutes of Dr. Phil.


She is a, what's the technical term? Whack job.


Theresa: Brady looked at me like he hated me.
Anne: He does hate you but not because you were mean to the new nurse but because you bashed his father's head in with a fireplace poker and let Brady think he did it.
Theresa: Oh my God are we ever going to move on from that!

Go to the gym. Beat up on a heavy bag but not yourself.


Days of Our Lives Quotes

The only reason we're together is because you decided to spend the last few months doing the Baroness Von Trapp.


Victor: I didn't get to where I am in life without being able to take care of problems.
Sonny: Or cockroaches.