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They put a gun to your head. You’re allowed to get a little drunk.


Valentina: I pray.
Adrien: Poor people have the most interesting hobbies.

Marisol is allergic to roses, so that seems like the logical choice.


Poor people have organs. Rich people need them. Why must the government stand in the way of the small business man?


If I let them give me a major organ, they’ll think they have a right to visit me and use my pool.


Our marriage is not based on love and that is why we have so much fun.


Genevieve: I always tell you about my sexual adventures.
Zoila: And I always ask you to stop.

Adrian: Why do you look so exhausted?
Evelyn: Perhaps because I begin so many of my days with conversations like this.

Evelyn: After our last conversation, she gave me this look of disdain.
Tony: Are you sure?
Evelyn: I know that look. It’s the same look I give people who fly coach.

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