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Well? Come on then. Eat up. You're full? I expect so. Because there's quite a difference between what was and what should have been. There's an awful lot of one but there's an infinity of the other. An infinity is too much, even for your appetite.

The Doctor

Clara: Then what are we? What can we possibly be?
The Doctor: You are the only mystery worth solving.

Warrior Doctor: You're my future selves?
The Doctors: Yes!
Warrior Doctor: Am I having a midlife crisis? Why are you pointing your screwdrivers like that? They're scientific instruments not water pistols!

How do you people manage one heart? It is pitiful!

Listen. There is one thing you need to know about me - well one thing apart from the blue box and the two hearts - we don't walk away.

The Doctor

It means, Mr. Grail, just you wait til my husband gets home.

River Song

Well, somebody's never been to Scotland!


Amy: Time can be rewritten.
The Doctor: Not once we've read it. Once we know it's coming, it's written in stone.

Yes, I wear a Stetson now.

The Doctor
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