Is this an instrument of communication or torture?


I'm an American. I don't share your English hatred of comfort.

Lady Grantham

Finally, I would point out, your living is in Lord Grantham's gift. Your living is on Lord Grantham's land and the very flowers in your church are from Lord Grantham's garden. I hope it's not vulgar in me to suggest that you find some way to overcome your scruples.


Really. It's like living in a second rate hotel where guests keep arriving and no one seems to leave.


Mrs. Hughes: Watch yourself Mr. Bates. Thomas is in charge now and it won't do to get on the wrong side of him.
Mr. Bates: Is there a right side?

Oh certainly. All this unbridled joy has given me quite an appetite.


Branson: Lady Sybil and I are getting married.
Carson: Have you no shame?

Thomas: Are your suggesting the black market, Mrs. Padmore? I'm quite shocked.
Mrs. Padmore: Oh, I doubt that very much.

Oh that's a relief. I hate Greek drama. When everything happens off stage.


If you're turning American on me, then I'll go downstairs.


Honestly Papa. Edith's about as mysterious as a bucket. She's gone to see Gregson.


I mean, if I shouted blue murder every time someone tried to kiss me at Heaton I'd have gone hoarse in a month. What a tiresome fellow.


Downton Abbey Quotes

Robert: You'll be in a very junior seat.
Violet: Il faut reculer pour mieux sauter. (You have to step back to jump further.)

Edith: Now you're happy again, you'll be nicer... for a while.
Mary: If that's what you feel, then why are you here?
Edith: Because, in the end, you're my sister and one day, only we will remember Sybil... or Mama or Papa or Matthew or Michael or Granny or Carson or any of the others who have peopled our youth... until, at last, our shared memories will mean more than our mutual dislike.