[To Sherlock] You're an addict too?..... Crosswords.


Sherlock: You want sex?
Vanowen: Excuse me?
Sherlock: I'm not a verse, I'm just busy. Perhaps we should set an appointment? You're flirting, this crossword talk. You find me attractive. The feeling is mutual... Mostly. The musculature of your legs, your shoulders suggest a certain elasticity that I find quite tantalizing. I must warn you however, our relationship could never go beyond the physical. No offense to you of course, it's just not my way.
Watson: Hey! Am I interrupting?
Vanowen: No. Not even a little.

Sherlock: Unlikely he would notate trips to underground Chinese gambling parlor.
Bell: Excuse me?
Sherlock: That's what he was doing last night.
Bell: I know you're just waiting for me to ask you why you think that.
Sherlock: [pauses]
Bell: [sigh] Why do you think that?
Sherlock: I'm glad you asked. It was the 13's. He apartment number 13 His cell ends in 1313. He chose this office 13.

That tea you made the other day, could make some more of it?


Watson: This is new?!
Sherlock: Old data, new location, though it might jar something loose.

Watson: Did you get any sleepy last night?
Sherlock: Hard to sleep knowing a psychopath may have ruined two lives from beyond the grave.

Watson: I texted you, you didn't have to come.
Sherlock: As I explained the other day. There is nothing more hazardous to my health then boredom.

Watson: If there's some place else you have to be..
Sherlock: Not tonight Watson, not tonight.

Sherlock: If you must know, the relationship between the Lynch Sister and I is mutually beneficial.
Joan: I don't want to know.

We can talk fees on the way but I am not sure for a job that will only take me one or two hours to solve.


Mrs. Watson: The other night when you were talking about Sherlock's work, I saw something in you. There was a spark, a sense of excitement. I haven't seen that in you in a long time. You like what he does.
Joan: Yes, okay, I enjoy it but I'm not a detective. I'm almost done working with Sherlock and it's onto another client.
Mrs. Watson: Will the next client make you happy? People find their path in the strangest of ways.

Joan: As someone once said, once you eliminate the impossible, whatever is left, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.
Sherlock: Sounds like a windbag.

Elementary Quotes

Morland: You don't look well.
Sherlock: You look as spry as ever. My compliments to the virgins whose blood you bathe in.

[about Sherlock] Fluent in three dozen languages, and he still hasn't seen Say Anything.