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[To Cheryl] I'm not going to throw in the towel. I'll take this time to figure out what I can do better.


Gregson: You're telling me I shouldn't give up?
Sherlock: I'm telling you shouldn't haven given into the charade that is matrimony

I've come to appreciate the premise of partnership. It's far more intricate than I could have imagined. The smallest gesture can speak volumes.


I usually cheer at the end of any marriage.


[To Joan] These are several of my cold cases. They are the handful mysteries that have eluded my powers of deduction. So the next time you wish to use your skills on a solo venture. I encourage you to peruse them. I've already given them my all. You might even succeed where I have failed.


Sherlock: It's for you! This is my most loathed piece of furniture.
Watson: I'm touched.

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