You don't have a suitcase, and the theme to The Odd Couple isn't playing, so I assume Beth didn't kick you out already.

Matt: Well, we both care about Taylor.
Eli: Might be the only thing we have in common.
Matt: Please God let that be true.
Eli: You know he uses more hair product than you, right?
Taylor: Yeah, it's part of his charm.

You had the aneurysm removed. You were quite clear that you wanted your life to return to what you consider normal. But you're meant for so much more, Eli. You're one of those people for whom "normal" is a failure of potential.

Recertification Therapist

Eli: Come on, you're Nate, rock star chick magnet, mm? Probably be the first guy in history to successfully operate on his own brain aneurysm.
Nathan: If I botch it, can I sue myself?
Eli: Oh, I'll take care of that.

Maggie, my co-workers already think I'm marble-deprived. I don't think that representing a dog on my first case back is going to change that perception.

Patti: I'm sorry, Eli, but you cannot tell the people you work with that your life-threatening medical condition is back on an interoffice memo.
Eli: You're right. An e-mail would be faster.

Patti: Are we suing Duke Ellington, Eli?
Eli: Probably not. He's dead.

This wasn't like a regular vision, Frank. This was like someone spiked the vision punch.

Eli: Three thousand? What, dollars?
Nate: American dollars.
Eli: You talking to me? 'Cause I can have you smited. I know people.

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