Eli: What? Oh, you've got vision fever.
Nathan: Huh. I must have missed that day at medical school.
Eli: You had a vision last week. You read a little bit of Dad's journal. It's all cool and exciting. You've got the prophet bug.
Nathan: Would you stop making up spiritual ailments, please?

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Eli Stone Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

(to Eli and Taylor) Both of you, make your case in one sentence or less. Ladies and daughters first.


Eli: Is everything okay, sir?
Jordan: No, Eli. My position as managing partner of my own firm is at stake, and it appears the attorneys I've chosen to defend me against allegations I'm suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder can't seem to agree on a time of day.
Taylor: It's 11:19.
Eli: Give or take few minutes.

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