Turtle: Vince is a born superstar and we will always have the money we need.
Ari: MC Hammer could've used a guy like you, Turtle, back in the day

John: We want you in the Warner family Vince.
Vince: I'm all about family, John. And after seeing your 200 foot yacht in last month's Robb Report can I call you Dad?

Vince: Johnny Depp's got the kind of career I want.
Eric: Johnny Depp did Pirates of the Caribbean. And if I'm not mistaken, he wore a swashbuckling costume and carried a sword.
Turtle: Yeah, but I heard he dresses like that in real life, though

Ari: Playboy mansion, strip clubs, whore houses, I go where the meetings are. It's my fucking job.
Mrs. Ari: I want three weeks in the south of France with the children.
Ari: Oh my God, baby!
Mrs. Ari: With you. And if you're not home by 2:00 AM, I'll be standing at the gates screaming "Ari Gold, super agent, forgot his Viagra!"
Ari: Sounds good

Vince: Don't you have to be home to your wife, Ari?
Ari: I make the goddamn rules! ... I got till... 2AM

Eric: Do this movie.
Vince: Can you get me suit approval?
Ari: You can wear tube socks and a yarmulke
Vince: All right! Lock it down

Eric: I don't know what you guys are making such a big deal about. I've been to the mansion, it's not that great.
Turtle: You were at an afternoon fundraiser for Alzheimer's, E. I don't think that's what Mr. Hefner had in mind when he opened the joint.
Eric: Nah, I'm sure he was dreaming about your fat ass running around the place in pajamas

Turtle: You sat at Hugh Hefner's table?
Drama: Yeah, during the Melrose years.
Eric: Don't you mean the Melrose months Drama?

Eric: We got to call Hugh Hefner to get Drama's ban lifted at the mansion.
Ari: What am I, his pimp?

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