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Jerry: How would you like to own an NFL team Mr. Gold?
Ari: I love you - I love it.

Mrs. Ari: [This chandelier] is murano glass and it was originally owned by Sophie Loren.
Ari: I'd rather look at nude photos of her original body.

Lizzy: I'm not asking you because I need you, but I'm on the verge of signing an executive producer from Glee.
Ari: I don't sing.

I like to be liked, and I hate to be hated.


Drama: Look, E, I know we've had our ups and downs but I want you to know I appreciate this.
Eric: Have we had downs?
Drama: No, but we probably will if we work together.

Lizzie: Anything else?
Ari: Yeah, button up. This is the NFL, not the NBA.

Lizzie: You got the meeting?
Ari: Yeah.
Lizzie: Shit that's impressive.
Ari: Yeah. I'd blow myself if I were more flexible.

You have three kids from three different men. You've slept with everyone's ex.


You're a really good brother. I'm glad you didn't die.

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