Ari [referring to Harvey]: You're gonna tell him in person?
Eric: That's right.
Ari: What I wouldn't pay to see that.
Eric: Yeah, well save your money for botox Ari, all that negativity's starting to take its toll.
Ari: Call waiting, later loser

Walk the other way David or else I'll pull out your fucking eyeballs

Drama: Even more thoughtful were the coffee's I brought over to the fire-house, when I went over to introduce myself.
Eric: Are you expecting a fire or are you just hoping to slide up and down on their pole?

Drama: According to some circles, that Barbie might be a Ken.
Mayor: Huh?
Drama: She might have balls your honor.
Mayor: What?
Drama: She's a he, a Transformer, a hermaphrodite, something that just ain't right

Eric: Can't you wait for a call back?
Ari: As the French might say, "No, I fucking can not.

Now why would I buy a big black cock?


Deny 'til you die pal

Ari [to a man who just lied to his wife]
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