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But really Justin. You can take down a drug cartel but then a guy in a tool belt, he can get the best of you.


What were they going for here? Brothel sheik?


That was about as smooth as an alligator's butt.


I'm not going to embarrass you in front of the geek squad.


Kate: Does that cold tone of voice of yours, does that come naturally or is that something that you practice?
Lauren: I practice. Every time I talk to you.

Yes, nothing says Monday like a fresh bottle of Tequila.


Kate: Thank you. You were very good.
Lauren: And you were very Kate.

Sirrus told me. He would have given over nuclear launch codes if he had talked to me for another minute.


Why are you breathing heavy? It's too early for that kind of call.


Kate: Leo big. Spider small.
Leo: That's how they get in your ear.

Justin: The world is full of stray puppies, isn't it?
Kate: You say that like it's a bad thing, Justin.
Justin: Oh, I love puppies.
Kate: You don't have a puppy.
Justin: I love them from a distance.

Leo: I just need your advice on a personal matter.
Kate: That fills me with a mix of curiosity and terror

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Fairly Legal Season 1 Quotes

Kate: She's a bit obsessive, our step-mother. Don't you think?
Spencer: That's what Dad loved about her.
Kate: I thought that was her ass.
Spencer: There's that too.

We most definitely have a deal. There is no sex ever. And when we do have sex there is no spending the night.