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You know Brian, when you're wearing that suit, it looks like you're taking a white poop!


Yeah, I don't need to go to the hospital or anything, I'll just use this Mr. Potatohead ear.


Greetings Hebrews and She-brews! What a Jewish glorious day!


(to Lois) Bye, honey. And remember what I said, if I come home in the middle of the day and you're sleeping with somebody, I'll kill ya both.


Brian: Hey, what's the point in waiting? You gotta live life while you can, and live it hard.
Stewie: Ah, the Chris Farley method, that's good.

(puts video tape in VCR) Ah well, that's not Nova at all, is it? That's a sex tape I made with my wife. Course nobody here's interested in seeing that sort of thing, are they? Probably not. No. OK. Oh, you kinda looked like you were nodding. Nope? OK. We should get back to work.

Meg's Teacher

Hey Brian, remember me? I'm the guy you left standing at the couter at McDonalds with a bag full of burgers. You know it's funny, I tried to walk home and, a lot of hungry deer out at this time of night. Oh, this is where the story gets interesting. You may have noticed I'm missing an ear. Was manged to pull it out of the deer's mouth and put it in some ice I got at a 7-11. So when you're ready to apologize to me just talk into this cup.

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