Well, that was dumb.

Professor: In a matter of hours there will be no more fresh water on Earth.
Bender: Oh no, what will I mix with my scotch?

Oh God, shield your eyes it's like Edward James Olmos on IMAX!

I hope that's vanishing cream because that needs to go away!

Colossal tooth whitener, mega deodorant, humongous acne cream, aww and one regular sized condom.


Bender: They're 60% scale replicas of me, Bender!
Leela: Does that mean they only do 60% of the work you do? Or that they actually do more work because they're only 60% as lazy?

Bender: Howdy fellas, I'm Bender!
Mini Bender A: Go to hell old man!
Bender: I like your attitude! Let's party.

Fry: Man, I wish we had a robot to do stuff.
Bender: I know, right?

So that's where baby sweaters come from!

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