Thank God most of our fans are huge perverts.


Never bet against me being stupid.


Aaaand boned!


Leela: Remember Fry's idea to offer free delivery?
Fry: It got us a lot of customers!
Leela: We're a delivery company!

Attention passengers please remain seated until the plane comes to a complete crash.


In the event of a wormhole sendin' us back in time do not kill your parents. If you are traveling with small children help them not to kill you before not killing your own parents.


Wait, I found a loophole in the mortgage. If we actually pay it, we can keep the building!


Conrad: And we're out of business.
Professor: Good news, we're back in business! We've been hired to deliver an envelope.
Leela: It's crunch time, let's do this... Ugh, it's for you professor.

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