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I'll be staring at you like a creep, because I'm a creep.


Where is she? What is she wearing? Is it linen?


You really had no idea that this wasn't supposed to be a sexcapade?


And I'm starving because all you have to eat in your house is your pet rabbit and I'm an undiagnosed hypoglycemic. Then we come into this graveyard and I feel like we're in Hocus Pocus and Thora Birch is gonna come and wear her little hat.


Hey I was just wondering, is this rabbit the same rabbit that we were feeding and petting in a loving way this morning?


These women should be really proud because in a way it's the most noble thing you can do. Help a boy find his sexuality, help a boy become a man, you know?


You'd like fully get lost in that bush, it's like a walkabout situation. It's


Look at you, you're like the most perfect black pearl.

Petula [to Jessa]

What accents are you guys doing, because I don't like not getting jokes.


It's like my worst nightmare as a kid, being the last one to be picked up from like school or some social event. Then all these adults know about your sad home life and your irresponsible parents.


You are so mean when you're depressed.

Hannah [to Jessa]

This book doesn't matter, that's the first thing you need to know. It's not gonna matter to the people who read it or to you.

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Girls Season 2 Quotes

Marnie: I want you. I know I'm a mess, but I want you. I want to see you every morning. I want to make you a snack every night. And I eventually want to have your little brown babies and eventually I want to watch you die.
Charlie: That's all I wanted to hear.
Marnie: Is it?
Charlie: I love you. Maybe I'm an idiot for it. But I always have. Everything good that I try and do I do because of you and I try and get away but I just keep coming back. And that's because I love you.

I should probably wait until he's capable of wiping himself.