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Girls Season 2


It's the Girls Season 2 finale, as Hannah tries to finish her book and Ray tries to impress Shoshanna.

"On All Fours"

Hannah continues to worry about her deadline on Girls this week, while Adam has an awkward moment with his new girlfriend.

"It's Back"

Hannah's parents visit on this episode of Girls. She's therefore forced to mask fears about her book.

"Video Games"

It's off to upstate New York this week for Jessa and Hannah. They head there to visit Jessa's dad.


Hannah gets an e-book deal on this episode of Girls, while Marnie hosts a party for Booth.

"One Man's Trash"

On Girls, Hannah is shocked at how attracted she is to a normal forty-something year old man who has a stable life.

"It's a Shame About Ray"

Hannah hosts a dinner party on this episode of Girls.

"Bad Friend"

Hannah takes on a freelance assignment this week, while Marnie has an encounter with artist Booth Jonathan.

"I Get Ideas"

Hannah runs into problems with both Adam and Sandy this week, while Marnie contemplates a new career path.

"It's About Time"

Girls is back! This is the first episode of Season 2.

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