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It looks like a Jewish cloud. *petting Jacob Ben-Israel's hair*

Hey dwarf, anyone ever tell you that you dress like one of the bait girls on To Catch A Predator?

Santana [to Rachel]

Carl: I'm gonna put you under a little general anesthesia. You won't feel a thing.
Brittany: Like roofies?
Carl: Yea, totally.

I would just like to say that from now on I demand to have every solo in glee club. When I had my teeth cleaned I had the most amazing Britney Spears fantasy. I sang and dance better than her. Now I realize what a powerful woman that I am.

Well, congratulations. Normally you dress like a fantasy of a perverted Japanese business man with a very dark specific fetish but I actually dig this look. Yay.


Don't let your own recklessness blind you to the fact that Britney Spears is a genius pop culture provocateur and a gateway drug to every out of control impulse ever created.


Next week, I'm gonna be performing a musical number by Ke$ha.

You wear more vests than the cast of Blossom.


It's a Britney Spears sex riot!

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