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There was no attempt at any coherent plot on this episode. The group sang a bunch of Britney Spears songs and they sort of helped everything feel more powerful in certain areas of life.

For example, Rachel hesitated about having Finn rejoin the football team - which the coach allowed after witnessed Artie apologize for getting him kicked off - because she thought they both had to be losers in order to make the relationship work. But she then realized she could trust her man. (And it helped when Quinn came on to him, only for Finn to turn her down.)

We also met Carl, Emma's dentist boyfriend. He asked Will to back off his pursuit as long as he was dating Emma, but Will didn't really listen. He tried to be more cool and spontaneous in order to win Emma over, only for her to later say she doesn't want Will to change. Just to relax. It didn't help him to do so when Terri showed up and said she thought they'd eventually get back together.

That was about it. The Britney impersonations were cool, but they didn't really connect to the story in any way.

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The only reason why this is one of my favorite episodes [The other being the Christmas episode] is because of Heather Morris aka Brittany. The songs were good, however, it lacked a good storyline not that I cared. Plus it was great for Brittany to FINALLY get a solo .


I like the songs (The only exception!)...But the ep didnt have coherence!!!


Didn't like this episode either..no storyline whatsoever but I just loved Rachel's performance of 'The Only Exception'!!!!!!!!! finally a Paramore song and it fit so perfectly :)


I've been a fan of Glee since the first episode but was also disappointed with this episode. For me, the real fun of Glee is the fact that it's not aimed solely at teens and makes fun of other high school cliched shows. Adults of all ages can enjoy the music and humour. I fear that it's going to be a victim of it's own success by starting to respond to online campaigns etc. Stick with the plot writers!


I agree with the reviewer. It wasn't so much an episode as a series of hallucinations. I expect more from Glee, particularly from the music on Glee. This episode was a huge disappointment for me.


This was certainly my least favorite episode ever. Heather did an excellent job, and her spoken lines were hilarious. However, there was virtually no plot, and what little storyline there was, was ridiculous and pointless. This was merely an extended video tribute to a "celebrity" who has made a dysfunctional mess of her life.


@Link: That made no sense. I grew up with Brittany in hs and hated this episode. If I want nostalgia at watching a Brittany Spears' video, I'll go watch the original on youtube, not one done exactly the same but with Glee actors whose lip sinking is off. I agree with the reviewer, normally the show's songs correlate to the story line of the show and that's why it works. Now it's feeling forced and gimmicky. And it seemed that most of the lines on this episode consisted of "Brittany Spears is the worlds greatest talent blah blah blah"


what the hell is this reviewer talking about? Obviously he/she is no Gleek. Brittany clearly owned the show, her performance was one of the best solo perfomances i have seen. I love the way the writers did not let Britney steal the show and made her appearances limited


Three words: Jump. The. Shark.


Well, the writer of this article is obviously not connected with the viewers....I'm just saying. Yes, the story definitely makes a big impact but what made this show is the singing! GLEEful, fun singing characters!

Glee Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Will: Who can tell me who Christopher Cross is?
Brittany: He discovered America.

I love that look of instant panic each time I try to change your routine.