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Our work here is done. There's only one thing left to do. Say goodbye.


Mr. Shue, when I met you I was just an annoying Jewish girl with two gay dads and a very big dream. Today, I still have two dads, and I'm still Jewish, and I'm probably just as annoying.


There's a lot of teachers at this school who teacher their students important things like how to drive and fractions, but you teacher your students how to dream.


Lindsay Lohan: I show up here and there's not even a red button to push and a chair to spin me around where I can then point at a kid on stage and yell 'I wanna work with you!' Really? I'm firing my manager.
Perez Hilton: Can I use that as an exclusive?

I'm here, Perez, because I care about young artists chasing their impossible dreams. I know them. I feel them. I was them. So I'm here to support them unconditionally.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay: Whoa whoa whoa. Oh my god. Seriously? Did you just blog about me during that last performance?
Perez: You're welcome. It's already got over 3 million hits.

This is your moment. Okay? Three years in the making. Forget about everything else. Take it.


Sue: Dick Butkis, I beg of you, chew your cud with your mouth closed.
Beiste: Sorry. I'm as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

I have so many steroids running through my body right now I may turn into the Incredible Hulk if you piss me off.

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