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I'm gonna be famous if it's the last thing I do.


Two dudes in one bed is, like, confirmed gay.


I'm cream here, Mr. Schue. But what if out there, I'm just skim milk.


This is your game, your life. And, guess what, time is running out.


I would totally put that suit on... eBay.


Rachel: While we applaud your proper use of the terminology, we told Mr. Schue: we do not support disco.

Santana: Blaine's handsome brother said it best: college is a waste of time. I just wanna be famous, plain and simple.

Let's be honest, William. You've been out of ideas since Madonna week.


Rachel: Look, I need to be in New York and I need you with me. I can't do this without you.
Finn: I just want you to be really sure. I want you to be really sure that you are in love with me and not who you want me to be.

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