NYU? What was I thinking? You know what I think about ironic facial hair.


Everything with Gabriel is perfect.


[to Gabriel] I don't hate you. But I hate lying. And you lied to me. And you lied to Poppy. And despite everything, she's still my friend and I care about her.


[to Blair] I see you're wearing your beret. Who are we spying on tonight?


Blair: Serena says he just disappears: Poof! I'm going to find out where he's poofing to.

Nate: Will you move in with me?
Blair: "Yes!

[to Nate] Murray Hill? Even your mother is too hip for this zip code.


I went to church, found Jesus, and I told him all my sins.


[to Chuck] I think next year is going to be harder than I thought. Me in Morningside Heights, and her all the way down in the Village, it's basically going to be like we're in a long-distance relationship.

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