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They say every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and once something is set on motion, it can't help up to build a momentum.

One thing is certain on the Upper East Side - what goes around, comes around.

Sweetheart, what matters most to me is not what college you go to, it's what kind of a person you grow up to be.


Nate: So, the Ultimate Gentlemen's Club was here? Because this place reminds me my aunt's house.
Chuck: This was the place. I know it.

Ladies, you can get your tiny brains to rest. Once again the world has proven - anything you can do, I can do better.


I'm glad you're not wearing that raccoon makeup anymore, because you looked like one of the Incredibles.


Rachel: I'm guessing for you, birthdays rarely meant new pens and a notebook to fill with your ideas.
Serena: Yeah, more like a Chanel wallet and a credit card to get me out of the house.

Give Handsome to a homeless man! ... Make sure he has kind eyes.


It turns out I can still get into Oberlin.


I can't believe we're all here on a Saturday night. That's a lot of canceled restaurant reservations.


Turn on CNN, walk down Wall Street, go to Washington, that's who they are, and if they find out that I let an outsider in — lose the card, the stamp on your arm will fade, and stop asking questions! Stop looking!


Mees Blair. Your martyr act, no good.

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Gossip Girl Season 2 Quotes

[to Jenny] That's the thing. You need to be cool to be queen. Anne Boleyn thought only with her heart and she got her head chopped off. So her daughter Elizabeth made a vow never to marry a man. She married a country. Forget boys. Keep your eye on the prize, Jenny Humphrey. You can't make people love you, but you can make them fear you. For what it's worth, you're my Queen. I choose you.


Blair: Whatever you're going through, I wanna be there for you.
Chuck: We've talked about this. You are not my girlfriend.
Blair: But I am me. And you are you. We're Chuck and Blair. Blair and Chuck. The worst thing you've ever done, the darkest thought you've ever had, I will stand by you through anything.
Chuck: And why would you do that.
Blair: Because I love you.
Chuck: Well, that's too bad.