I'm not ready to leave yet. Maybe we should write the family a letter.


Nate: [on Bart's letter] Aren't you curious what it says?
Chuck: I think I can guess. You're a disappointment of a son; I'd die of embarrassment if I hadn't already; why do you wear so much purple?

Serena: I'm here on a rather pathetic mission. I'm boyfriend snooping.
Vanessa: I see.
Serena: It's not something I'm proud of, but I don't know what else to do. Something's going on with Dan, I thought I knew what it was but I don't. I was wondering if he said anything to you.
Vanessa: No he didn't. I'm sorry.

Serena: I figured if he would've told anyone, he would've told you.
Vanessa: Whatever it is, I'm sure he'll tell you. Dan's not exactly one for keeping secrets.
Serena: I used to think that, but now I don't know anymore.

Jack: I hope you don't mind. I let myself in.
Chuck: I've made my decision, Jack.
Jack: I know. And I owe you an apology. The fact is you're Bart's son. And it is your rightful place.
Chuck: Your blessing means a lot to me.
Jack: Good. Now before we start spooning I want to take you out tonight, to properly celebrate.

Chuck: I'm having dinner with Blair.
Jack: Reschedule Blair.
Chuck: I can't. She's been a good friend to me.
Jack: The last time I had a friend like that I wind up with gonorrhea.
Chuck: Suprex?
Jack: Rocephin.

Is this who Chuck Bass imagines himself to be? A man who goes to the office, then comes home to wife? It's no coincidence your father had his most success when he was single. I invited a few friends to join us ... guess I'll have to entertain them on my own. Last chance ...


Rufus: Hey Dan, what's up.
Dan: Hey, you do realize the reason Serena and I broke up was the fact that she was so secretive. Now I'm the one keeping secrets.

Dan: [on phone, walking away] I don't like lying to my girlfriend. Serena has a right to know what's going on.
Isabel: Oh my god, we have to tell Serena.
Nelly: Tell her what? We don't know what he's lying about.
Penelope: Why are you talking? Last I checked you were still on probation.

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