Chuck: We both know you're a socialite, not a businesswoman. You traded musicians for titans of industry. Upgraded from a tour bus to a corporate jet. I'm sorry, but I had to.
Lily: I've done nothing but tried to salvage that company for you. I stepped in so Jack wouldn't take it away. And every day since I have fought for your future. If we had stuck together on this, we would have won.
Chuck: It looks like I did anyway.
Lily: No you haven't, Charles, you've lost. And I'm not talking about Thorpe.

Nate: You realize you're the worst wingman ever.
The Captain: That may be so, but I hope you'll realize I'm trying to be a good father. I came here tonight to find Russell, say hello, and hand him my resignation.

If you'll excuse me, I have a Valentine's vendetta to exact.


I work at W now. I am an arbiter of taste. If I were to stand behind some lame Humphrey lamentation then it would be like showing up at an accessory shoot. In Crocs.


Blair: Humphrey. What are you doing here?
Dan: Stalking you, actually.

Go get some B-roll of the food and drink. And be discreet. We are not TMZ.


Lily: I just got off the phone with Pete Holmberg. There was an emergency meeting of the Bass board. I'm being accused of an ethics violation and conflict-of-interest.
Rufus: Stand up for yourself. Don't let Thorpe get away with that.
Lily: It wasn't Thorpe, it was Charles.

Chuck: I know Lily broke your heart. She broke my father's heart too. I want to be clear. My loyalty is with the Bass name only.
Russell: It's a lovely sentiment. But what does it mean?
Chuck: I'll do whatever it takes to remain with the company. If Lily's an obstacle, I'll handle it.
Russell: Saying it is one thing, Chuck. Following through is an entirely different matter.

Eric: Who do you want to spend Valentine's Day with?
Dan: Blair. No, it's not... no no no, It's not like that. I need her help with something.
Eric: You could be waiting a long time.

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