Casey: You're ready to jump back on the dating horse again?
Ashleigh: I'm ready to ride that horse like a bucking bronco.

Tell me again, why are you crop-dusting my room with lemon scented cancer chemicals?


Calvin: You asked out Rebecca Logan?
Evan: Actually she asked me.
Grant: So if she pays do you have to put out?
Evan: Uh, only if I order steak.

We need to help each other before the game, work with each other during the game, and shower with each other after the game.


Katherine: Saw you guys rehearsing with some KTs, your partner perhaps?
Natalie: It's nice to know some houses aren't concerned with winning blue ribbon points.
Casey: Well, we' figure you've already slept with all the umpires...

But i must warn you, what we lack in physical ability, we make up for in heart. And our hearts are set on crushing the Omega Chis at all things crushable.


Evan relax about the game and everything else. Rebecca, don't mess with people's emotions. Ash, there will be plenty of time to flirt when we're not in the middle of an inning. Now everyone get back to their positions, ok? (To Evan) And strike out my boyfriend!

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