Casey: Something I was a part of is actually going to the President of the United States to become a law.
Cappie: I painted flames on my turtle.

What the hell is going on here? It looks like GQ crashed into Men's Health and spilled hot guys all over our living room.


Evan: Hey Case, how's it going?
Casey: Not great. People either don't know why they should register, don't know why they should register now, or they think that I'm a front for Scientology. It was so much easier getting signatures for the Undie Run.
Rebecca: You're telling me college students are more into getting naked than voting? I'm shocked!

Beaver: I think my turtle just died. Nope, just pooped.
Other KT: Maybe the lighter weight will speed him up. Less wind resistance.
Beaver: Or maybe that's just part of his strategy, like James Bond so that everyone behind him'll spin out on his poop slick.

Casey: Let me tell you something, Joel. Slimeballs like you are the reason why politics suck. Everybody's in it for what they can get. You know what? You're not getting me. I'm not having sex with you.
Other Campaigner: So are we all still going back to your apartment for the debriefing?
Casey: Wait, you're going back to his apartment too? All of you? Please say you're planning some really weird orgy.

Cappie: You're Casey Cartwright, you can do anything you want. That's how I know you're going to go to Washington and you're going to be amazing.
Casey: Ok even if I could, what about us? What about -
Cappie: Graduation?
Ashleigh: Oh my God, he said it!
Casey: You'll never leave here, you love it too much.
Cappie: I do love it here, but I don't think I could be anywhere that didn't have you.
Ashleigh: Awww
Cappie: We'll be fine. So go get that job. I'd kiss you for luck but I've got beef stick breath.

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