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Owen: Know who you're gonna pick?
Cristina: Well, I'm ranking them, according to a system. You know, surgical skills, hours in the O.R., published papers, academic accomplishments ...
Owen: You know them, you know their capabilities. Go with your gut.

Dr. Dixon: I had persistent pathological stuttering as a child, but it can be treated with rigorous speech therapy. Why is this spot on the board blank?
Cristina: I need to select one of my fellow residents for that slot, it's the first solo surgery of my class.
Dr. Dixon: The Chief asked you to choose from your peers.
Cristina: Yes, ma'am.
Dr. Dixon: Mmm!

Dr. Dixon: There's a blank spot on this board, there's a surgery but no surgeon, I would like to do surgery, but it's an amputation, I haven't done an amputation since my residency.
Cristina: Well, um, that's, that's, really hard to, um ...
Dr. Dixon: Is your stuttering pathological and persistent or is it occasional and stress related?
Cristina: I don't ... stutter?

Mark: You read up on my surgery?
Miranda: Since it's your first time performing what I understand to be a very cutting-edge surgery, I was hoping you could use another set of hands.
Mark: Fine. You can join Dr. Grey and me.
Miranda: Dr. Grey, who's been banned from the O.R.?
Mark: She's on cappuccino duty.

Mark: Why are you talking about sex with me? It's inappropriate. I'm your teacher. I have things to teach. Double board-certified things.
Lexie: That's what I was talking about. For you to teach me ... medicine. The sex, that was... a joke.

[to Mark] I get it. I'm the one who organized a crazy club of secret, cutter interns. The thing is, I've been advised to seek out sex as a way of my sad predicament, but I think I would rather just learn today, so... what do you say? You, me ...


Lexie: It's done!
Alex: Whatever, Helen Keller.
Lexie: No really. The Chief sent me. They made their choice.
George: Who is it?
Lexie: [points] It's you.

Miranda: Steve is not a lip reader. None of the interns are lip readers. You'll just have to wait for the attendings to vote. Just like I did when I won.
Cristina: You won your solo surgery?
Miranda: I'm gonna pretend you didn't feel the need to ask me that question Yang, of course I won. I was good. Didn't cut LVAD wires, put my hands on bombs in body cavities, or have my interns operating on themselves. I was special! I was young, gifted and black, and everybody knew it. Attendings knew it, Chief knew it. I didn't have to act like I could read lips. I'd just go about my work, calmly, waiting for my name to get called.

Steve: Grey! The Chief said Grey!
Alex: What? Come on, this is bogus.

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