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You are always drumming up reasons to talk to that hot OB.


Everyone figures doctors are the most responsible people they know. They hold lives in their hands. They're not flakes. They don't lose track of important details or make stunningly bad judgment calls. 'Cause that would be bad, right?


The chronology escapes me, Richard.


Mrs. Webber, I'm about to put a needle in your face. I'd be extremely grateful if you'd stop moving.


Because even though you're whole rap is about self-confidence, you're about as self-assured as a chihuahua.


Pediatric surgeons can be heartless wretches. Some would argue that I'm a case in point. But social workers, on the other hand, are bleeding hearts.

Dr. Stark

Ok, you know what, I'm trying to eat, which is more important than it's ever been now because I'm an incubator.


We're co-parenting us, all of us. This isn't a joke. It's not some cute arrangement where you humor me and use me for babysitting when you want to see a movie. This is my child. We're doing this together. You don't get a bigger vote. I'm a parent!


Nobody parented you. This is to be expected.

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