Whether you are Lowen, Blutbad, Drang-Zorn, or Balaam, we are all blessed. And when you woge for the first time, you will feel a power like you have never felt before. But this is never to be revealed. Normal people will never feel like you feel, they will never know what you know. They will never live life as deeply as you.


Did she say anything along the lines of, like, "Sorry, I didn't mean to beat up folks I never met before"?


It's ironic, isn't it? You've been the special one for so long.


What do you want to figure out, Nick? How a Grimm and a Hexenbiest can live happily ever after?


You know, just because this Henrietta, whom I've never met, says it's irreversible, doesn't mean it is!


I like this power, and you like it, too.


Calm. Down. No one's going to kill you. Unless you keep shouting.

Prince Kenneth

She's a freaking Hexenbiest?!


Monroe: It's just... time.
Rosalee: What?
Monroe: We never know how much we're gonna have.

Nick: I haven't given up yet.
Juliette: Why not?
Nick: Because I love you.

Organ donor, but I think this ship has sailed.


Nick: Juliette's a Hexenbiest.
Hank: Run that by me again?!

Grimm Quotes

It almost sounds like Jack the Ripper was a Grimm, only he left their heads on.


So, thanks, Mom, for being dead when I needed you the most.