Hank: You ate her cookie.
Wu: I did?
Nick: Yeah. That's why you ate your carpet.
Wu: ...Oh.

Juliette: Did I do that? I didn't do that. Did I?
Renard: I believe you did.

You call this a side effect?!


Oh, my God! It's my chiropractor!


I don't know what you are. But you're no Aswang.


Wu: And by "ready," you mean "off the deep end"?
Hank: There is no shallow end in this pool.

Hank: Want to get a couple of things clear first.
Wu: "First"? There's a second?

"Monroe"... is that his first name or last?


Wu: Are you...?
Renard: You don't wanna go there.

If they hurt Monroe, I will kill them! I will hunt them down and *kill* them!


[about Wesen] Oh, so there are friendly ones. Good to know!


Maybe we should call in the dog catcher with a really big net.


Grimm Quotes

Juliette: Why can't you do it again? Aren't you half Hexenbiest?
Renard: Why does everyone keep making that mistake?! I am not a Hexenbiest, I'm a Zauberbiest. There's a difference.

Come on let's have a brew. And, by the way, you're paying for that window.