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I'm sorry I won't remember you when I come back. Especially Colorado.


Tell him, Arla. Tell him how many women you murdered to get that skin.


This would be weird even if we weren't meeting in a giant supernatural steam room.


Vince and I tried to keep Audrey out of the barn once before. Let's just say it didn't work. Vince decided there and then that the best thing was for Audrey to just keep going back in. I think we have to break the cycle, deal with the thing head on and not keep using the girl as a damned band aid.


Arla: Why should I trust you Crocker?
Duke: Because I know that Audrey has to go into the barn. I'm tired of living in a disaster movie.

James: Arla, if I've been gone for 27 years, why do you still look so young?
Arla: I stayed young for you, silly.

Duke: Maybe it's just me, but I thought the meteors were supposed to pass over Haven. Why are they hitting us?
Audrey: Because I won't go into the barn. And they're going to fall faster and faster until I find my son and he tells us how to stop this.

Audrey: Who the hell are you?
Agent Howard: Think of me as your ride. I drop you off and then, when the time is right, I pick you up.

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