Haven Review: The Sky Is Falling!

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It's season finale time, and "Thanks for the Memories" delivered an interesting take on how to keep Audrey attached to Haven, while going into the barn. We learned a lot of fun new bits-n-bobs in the episode, so let's break it down.

As I said in my review of "Reunion," Audrey's apartment has to be the most insecure place in Haven. Nathan and Duke arranged for someone to watch over her during the night, but given as it was her last night in Haven, why in the Hell didn't they stay with her themselves so they could have skipped the dramatic discovery of broken deck chairs and a dead guard at her door? 

If it was going to be my last night on earth, I would have wanted to spend it with the man I love. Even though it didn't hit me while watching the former episode, it really hit me after she was gone. She may never have a night with Nathan. That's just unacceptable.

Haven Team

It was good to finally get an explanation about who Agent Howard is, even if it still left many holes. His explanation to Audrey about why she had to go into the barn was plain and simple. If she doesn't go, the sky will fall and all will be destroyed. But, hey, it's her choice! With everything riding on the possibility that James may know how to change the course of the future, she was willing to chance the safety of Haven. I don't think that will win her many friends.

The whole story would have played out a little better if we had known more about James and his life, especially the love he shared with Arla. It's difficult to muster up any sympathy for her and James when all we have are their whispered "I love yous" to engage us. It could have been easy to feel sorry for Arla, but she was so nasty it didn't work.

I sure had myself mixed up in the Vince and Dave Teagues department, didn't I? Vince always seemed like a big teddy bear, but it was he who has been behind the push to keep using Audrey to stop the Troubles. Dave wanted to find a way to deal with the Troubles and save her the torment of reliving the same fate over and over. 

When Nathan said they need to take out the barn, he and Audrey were transported back in time to when Dave and Vince tried to blow up the barn to save Sarah from going in. They tried to destroy the barn, and they couldn't, Vince lost his resolve and decided they were out of options. Vince then must have become the leader of The Guard. But if they've always worked for Vince, how did Duke's grandfather have the tattoo and orders to kill Sarah before Vince even knew he couldn't collapse the barn? 

Didn't that seem to be out of sync? Vince is older, but is he old enough to have known about the previous incarnation of Sarah to start The Guard...or is he ageless? Which leads me to the age old question of who or what are the Teagues brothers? If The Guard has always reported to Vince, he's got his own supernatural thing going on. I can't see another way around that.

When Audrey questioned whether seeing Sarah and the Teagues was a real memory, Agent Howard decided to show them one that Nathan would recognize. Audrey glimpsing Nathan noshing on Sarah was quite a shock. It also showed that a lot more happened than we saw in "Sarah."

When James showed up in the barn right in front of the car, Audrey and Nathan ran after him. It took me a minute to realize Nathan didn't know he was James' father until he saw Sarah tell the Teagues outside the barn that James' father wasn't even born yet.

That scene was so confusing to me because I thought Sarah was saying that James wasn't born yet, and I was trying to determine how she could enter that barn with a baby in utero and still have him born to a life on the outside. Only rewatching the scene a couple of times made it clear to me. At least Nathan didn't know he was James' father until that moment.

Tell me it wasn't cool how the barn was similar to the Tardis on Doctor Who. Bigger on the inside? Such a strange inside for a rustic barn. I hope we get to search some of the inside of the barn during season four.

Does the ending pit Nathan and Audrey against each other? James thought one of his mothers incarnations meant him harm and said the only person who could keep her out of the barn was his father. At that time, I was so bloody confused!

Lucy said that killing someone was the only way to end the troubles, not just for 27 years, but forever. James thought his death didn't count because Audrey didn't really love him since they only just met. Going into the barn is required to recharge her love. What the Hell?? Does whatever Audrey is use all of her love by helping people with their Troubles? 

Two men, totally in love with Audrey. How lucky can a girl be? Then Jordan popped out and shot Nathan, Audrey and Duke were gone and the sky was still falling. Agent Howard said there were only two ways to end everything. One would end the Troubles for 27 years and the other forever. Going into the barn is the 27-year option, and killing Nathan would stop them forever. 

But Jordan shot Nathan. If he were to die, would Audrey have to find a new love to kill to stop the Troubles forever or would she be doomed to repeat every 27 years her very sad fate? With Duke and Arla disappearing into the barn with Audrey and the sky continuing to fall down upon Haven, how long can it hold on and wait for the barn to come back?

Nathan was shot, but we don't know how badly. Was Jordan sucked into the barn like Arla? James is destined to live in the barn forever, so will Arla just stay with him and be "restored?" So many questions! It would have been a travesty if Haven hadn't been renewed. What the writers have in store for us in season four is pretty much anybody's guess, but I'll be there for all the action. How about you?


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Great ending, but heartbreaking to watch Nathan standing there alone after sending Duke after her. I can't wait for next season.


My thougth is that Nathan was still standing cos he can't feel the pain from jordan's shot( his trouble)and d sky was still falling cos agent howard was shot and still outside the barn, this has messed up the whole 27 yrs cycle plan and gives Audrey the excuse to start in Haven. Duke going into the barn after audrey is another storyline I think the writers want to spin round for season 4,if not why were all the characters suddenly repeating d fact that Duke loved Audrey, for crying out loud, we have know that since season 2, I have a feeling that Audrey would come back loving duke as they would bound better inside d white lonely bound, and nathan would be left pinning after audrey and gosh that would so suck, cos its only nathan and audrey we want!!!( Hear this writers)


How many times was Nathan shot? How was he even still standing at the end? It broke my heart seeing him send Duke after Audrey and calling out to her when the barn disappeared. Did Arla get sucked into the barn when it disappeared?
The look on Audreys & Nathans face when they figured out that he was the Colordo Kids Dad: Priceless!
I LOVE THIS SHOW. Can't wait to see how they start up next season. I just hope they don't keep Duke trailing after Audrey like a love sick school boy. I so wanted him to hookup with Claire. He needs someone that is not in love with someone else.


I think they should have broken this episode into two parts. It was to much information to process.
Vince/Dave: I was surprised that Dave wasn't the leader of the GUARD. Vince reminds me of a goofy clown.
CK/Arla: I feel this storyline was too rushed, didn't feel the connection. Duke shooting Jordan: I wished it had been Audrey that did the deed. Duke/Audrey: WTF? Said she enjoyed Colorodo & a kiss on the check!! Then she goes and lays one on Nathan?
I believe she loves both but in different ways. Nathan/Audrey: What a heart wrenching goodbye. Nathan shooting Agent Howard: what will be the fall out from that? Why did the CK remember Arla if he's been in the barn for all those years? And Audrey doesn't remember when she comes back? Continued.....


Not just her love of one person, her love of people and desire to help them. It sounds like her time in the barn drains away her connection with people.


So Audrey has to leave the barn to refuel her love batteries. She loves Nathan. Why does she stop Nathan from going in with her. They can *ahem* fuel her love battery all the time in the barn and the troubles would stay gone.


This show still has alot of Options so Jon don't stop watching. it's a great show!!!!!!


I'm sure that there is a lot of problems with what I said in my earlier comments because this episode really didn't make a lot of sense to me. but still why go this way with a show that was going in a totally different direction just a few episodes before. they had a whole lot of ways they could lead this show down but they choose this? wow ok whatever.


@kim Dwight didn't know about Vince being in the guard until that point. He just said it makes sense after perhaps connecting all the dots of their interactions up to that point. The recharging with love thing was a bit too soapish melodrama for me.


I don't think Howard was ever really alive, so he couldn't be dead... damaged, yes, but not "dead". Since the barn got damaged when Howard was shot, and he disappeared the same way the barn did - I think Howard was a human-looking avatar of the barn. I think they were the same thing. The only thing that had me really scratching my head was the relationship between Vince and Dwight. Dwight has said that he had a falling out with the Guard and he blames the Guard for "losing his daughter" (whether she's dead or something else, he can't be with her). But all through the series, Dwight has been thick as thieves with Vince, the Guard's leader. All in all, I really enjoyed the episode. It answered a lot but still left more questions to wonder about.

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Haven Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Duke: Maybe it's just me, but I thought the meteors were supposed to pass over Haven. Why are they hitting us?
Audrey: Because I won't go into the barn. And they're going to fall faster and faster until I find my son and he tells us how to stop this.

Audrey: Who the hell are you?
Agent Howard: Think of me as your ride. I drop you off and then, when the time is right, I pick you up.