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Nathan: I'd like to talk to you again.
Jordan: Cause this went so well.

Nathan, I don't think this is about you not trusting me. I think you're pissed because Audrey does.


I was Lucy. I could feel being Lucy. That's never happened to me before.


It's not stupid. It's regressive hypnotherapy and I blew three days on the web trying to figure it out.


Okay. I will take you to my secret oyster field. Have you ever had Blue Point oysters, drizzled in absinthe?


Audrey: He expelled his lungs through his mouth?
Nathan: Or, somebody reached down his throat and ripped them out.

Audrey: Does anyone like it when their shrink says "interesting?"
Claire: Nope. That's half the fun saying it.

Tommy: You guys have a fertility clinic in this little town?
Nathan: Yep. We even have a few traffic lights, too.

Tommy: Okay. I'm all ears. And if I get the slightest sense that you're snowin' me, I'm bringin' in the FBI, the Staties and TMZ.
Nathan: There are some things you need to know about this town.

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