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Dave: Nobody's going to think a telephone poll was running down the street!
Vince: In Haven they might!

Sorry big guy, but your lifetime is a fraction of a second in mine.


Well, it looks like Duke is out. He's not gonna make it past the porch. So, what's it going to be? Are you going to grab a shovel or are you going to indulge yourself in your little tickle fixation and watch your friend die?


Mara: You know I have all of Audrey's memories, right? Did you ever just wonder if she loved you as much as she loved you?
Nathan: No.

Oh God. Would you evolve already? Sex is cardio.


We've all lost people. I had to bury Jennifer last night. But we grieve, we don't go crazy.


Nathan: Duke, look at me. Look at me! Jennifer stopped breathing in the cave. I heard you say it. You can sew my eyes and ears shut. You have to listen to me. I have to get you to understand that Jennifer is gone. Dwight saw her body.
Duke: Shut up!

Mara: I'm surprised. You're gonna let Audrey go.
Nathan:You're not Audrey. You're just a pathetic, evil reminder of what I lost, what we all lost.

I am going to give you one of those little black blobs. One. Use it for anything other than opening a thin spot and leaving, you will be stuck here forever. I am letting you leave alive. I'm not going to do it again.


When I return, you shall be spared my wrath. By Vicki!


Dwight: She took my taser and a fair amount of my pride.
Nathan: You're lucky she didn't kill you.
Dwight: I think she was having too much fun electrocuting me.

You try operating a supernatural door to another dimension using a vampire novel and a positive attitude.

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Haven Quotes

The guy threw a manhole cover at me, okay? I'm just sayin'.


Nathan: You just punched me against the room!
Duke: Yes, that's true.

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