[looks sick] Why did you boil his face off Max?


Not so fast, McGruff.


Steve: I like this kid.
Catherine: Of course you do, he's you at 13.

Wow, thank you sugar daddy.


Officer Lukela: What's he doing?
Danny: Undoubtedly something insane.

Steve: Body armor works.
Danny: What is that look? Nobody likes to get shot.

Danny: If a suspect dies, he loses the ability to speak. Ergo, he is useless to us.
Steve: Ergo?

Hands up, Ahab.


You delivered her to the congressman like a pizza.

Danny Williams

Hart was just polishing the bell because he's so motivated, chief.

Steve McGarrett

Danny: Oh no gimpy, I got this one..
Lori: Thanks; see chivalry isn't dead
Steve: I carried you down a mountain?!

McGarrett: Tell me you know how to swim.
Danny: I know how to swim. I swim for survival, not for fun.