The smoke seen in the dream now rises.

Hawaiian Proverb

That's the Space Needle, not the Eiffel Tower you schmuck.


Steve: Catherine, I want you to help me find my mom.
Catherine: I thought you told Witness Protection you wanted kept secret even from you.
Steve: Yeah, that was before I found out she had a chance to kill Wo Fat and let him get away.

So he was shot, burned, and hit by a car? Wow, this guy's having a great day.


Honey, I know you are worried about me, but I can take care of myself. I know from dissappointment.

Aunt Deb

Kurt Miller: I'm not saying anything else without my council here. So, book me if you have to.
Danno [looking at McGarrett]: Do not say it.

How do you take it? Black, two cubes of shut the hell up.


Steve: We've got to find Donovan
Danny: Donovan's not to going to talk.
Steve: Depends on how we ask the question.

What is the matter with you? You need help! I will pay for it!


Chin: You look like you just saw a ghost.
Steve: Rough commute.

Hands up, Ahab.


If you delay him and he dies that is murder.


Hawaii Five-0 Quotes

Why are you dressed like a ninja?


Danny: Tell me this, was there an operation "Abby Road"? Are you the Walrus? [looks at Joe] time to shutup?
Joe: Roger that.