How does a cowboy end up dead on Mars?


A child behaves like those who reared him.

Hawaiian Proverb

Chin Ho: [Points at White]
Danny: He trained Steve
Chin Ho: Oh, so it's his fault.

Grace: He's the funniest boy in school
Danny: I'm sure he's a regular Chris Rock.
Grace: Who?

Chin Ho: Why wouldn't they snatch Mary at the airport?
Danny: Because they were more worried about the diamond smugglers than they were about us.
Fryer: Let's make them worry about us.

Richard Cannon: Don't try to tell me who my father is. I know who my father is.
Danno: Deep. Really, deep.

Danny: He doesn't have anything, he has an address. So unless Master Yoda can send telepathic messages that the rest of us can't hear....
Max: Technically Yoda didn't have telepathic powers.
Danny: Shut it!

Thanks Fong, you're a geek god!


Kono: You're a cop! You're supposed to tell the truth!
Chin: Sometimes things aren't so simple, Kono!

Danny: woah, woah, try not to kill everyone in the compound, one of these hippies might know where Jen is.
Steve: Fine

McGarrett: Why are you so angry?
Danno: 'Cause I'm an angry person, okay?

The king is dead. Again. Come on man somebody had to say it.


Hawaii Five-0 Quotes

Steve: What happen to you?
Danny: I tore my ACL, from all the fun we have been having the last few weeks.
Steve: Well, once you're done bitching about your boo-boo, I would love to know what's going on here.

Danno: He said he was going in for a business meeting. Who pats you down for a business meeting?
McGarrett: Someone who doesn't want to get caught.