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I think the smaller turkey just tried to crawl further inside the bigger turkey.


You sent a wang out and got a wang back.


Zoey: Barney was here? I was walking around half naked.
Barney: Aw Man! Wait which half?

Barney: You're all the Blitz! I slept with that cute Indian girl that cuts my hair.
Robin: What does that have to do with anything?
Barney: Nothing I just forgot to brag about it before!

Ted: Who canceled, your coven?
Steve: Coven, group of witches, boom!

Robin! Robin! I will pay you to be the Blitz. A hundred dollars, no! Ten thousand dollars, no! Sixty bucks. What's a lot of money to someone like you?


Lily: It's a booma-wang.
Robin: Nice,
Lily: Thanks.
Robin: No I meant the wang.

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