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Gentleman to our sons may they have hot mothers and rich fathers.


Things come and go - money comes and go, tee-shirts come and go. Sometimes there are greater forces at work than we are aware of. You just gotta role with those f**king punches.


Yo Donald - don't trust nobody not even Mickey.

Ben's friend

The secret is not get rich quick - the secret is to get rich slow and appreciate it.


You know the secret to selling jeans? Cool pockets.

Random guy

When you're young you have ideas and no money. When your old you have money and no ideas.


Wow total disrespect for the Dom. I gotta respect that.


It is what it is - if I go down, you go down.


We're not gangsters, we're not thugs - we are Jews.

Rene's business partner

I'm gonna get you so high before dinner you are not going to tell them apart.


Marco, aren't you gay?


This is history in the making baby.

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