There may be a self-destructive part of us that doesn't want us to get better, that's more comfortable with pain.


Ever try to make G.I. Joe dance in the sky? It's depressing.


Becca: Why can't you just be happy for me?
Will: Because I don't want to get infected by this crap.

I hate crying in public... or in private.


I have a whole Jew-bacca situation up here.


I don't want a number to decide my whole view of myself.


It must be so lonely being dead.


There's so much angst going on here.


I want to be one the cat people. I bet they're really graceful.


Everyone wants us to hate our bodies, but I refuse to.


Will: Oh right health, you want to tell me she's here for her health.
Amber: Don't tell me what I'm here for.

Do I seem gay to you? Like on a scale of 1 to... Ellen?

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You see, everyone's overweight, so the playing field is... more like there is one.


I feel like inside me, there's an even fatter person waiting to get out!


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