"Season One Finale"

It's still parents weekend on Huge, as this show concludes its first season. What did you think of it?

"Parents Weekend"

This is the first part of the Huge season finale. It centers around Parents Weekend... although Will's parents don't show up, which causes a major problem for her.


Chloe and Allistair celebrate their birthdays on this week's episode. However, Chloe's obnoxious party brings the pair together.

"Poker Face"

The campers are under a lot pressure this week as news of the first weigh-in makes the round. Meanwhile, Dr. Rand learns from staff members that Shay's daughter is sick.

"Spirit Quest"

The campers go on an overnight Spirit Quest in the woods this week. How much do they trust each other? And who will share their first kiss? Such questions are answered.

"Movie Night"

It's movie night at Camp Victory! As the campers await the announcement of what film they'll be viewing, anticipation also builds around potential hook-ups.

"Talent Night"

We're treated to some surprises from the campers this week, as Chloe attempts to get Trent's attention by having him perform with her and Amber. Also, Will can't find her journal and fears her secrets will be exposed.

"Live Action Role Play"

Becca attemps to start a "larping" club this week, but no one is interested.... until Will chooses to use her creativity to get the rest of the campers to take part, that is. We've got a detailed recap of the latest Huge episode.

"Letters Home"

Will grows very uncomfortable this week when she is faced with the task of writing a letter home to her parents. Elsewhere, she also develops a crush!

"Hello I Must Be Going"

We meet a unique character on the series premiere of Huge. She goes by the name "Will" and she's sent to a fat camp by her parents. Read on for a detailed recap!