That's Gray spreading sunshine wherever she goes.


I'm done, Jane. With all of it.


I don't know, Jane. I don't speak girl.


Billy: I'm sorry, Zoe.
Zoe: You're forgiven, Billy.

Jane: Are were really going to do this?
Billy: Come on, Janey. We're teenagers. We have to do this.

Oh. Darn it. I'm never going to be able to wear this tablecloth again.

Eli: Can I tell you something? I feel like we are playing grown up.
Jane: Me too.

Ben: But, the truth is I'm not over Rita.
Amanda: You're not over Shaw-the-Jaw?
Ben: No, I'm not. And, Amanda, don't call her that again.

Eli: Oh and wear something nice.
Jane: Again, kind of insulting.

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