Eli: You look like someone who doesn't have plans tomorrow night.
Jane: That's kind of insulting.

Eli: Do you think she told her? [A thrown phone smashes into a vase.]
India: I'm gonna say yes.

No, please, never apologize for quality sass; it's a gift.


Gray: Oh Jane, this is my fault.
Jane: What?
Gray: I think I've been too kind to you. I believe I've given you the illusion that we're friends.

Jane: You know, Ben, you really need an attitude adjustment.
Ben: Yeah, I know, Mr. Rajeev told me.

Ben: Fine. But, I'm not eating your pancakes, so stop pushing them.
Jane: He's not really an evening person either.

We'll start fresh. And if I do it right, someday when you call me Mom, it will feel earned.

Jane's mom

Zoe: The more I liked you the more I wanted to stay in the "us" zone. I really like you. I really like the idea of "us."
Billy: Why didn't you just say that?

No way. I can't believe I was ever inside that woman.

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