Happy birthday, I f---ed my roommate!

The Situation

Pauly D: Uncle Nino is an O.G.: An original guido.

My uncle Nino doesn't have the highest standards in the world. So these girls are looking like supermodels to him right now.


The Situation: So, we have two girls on the burner. We can get the original chicks, which are DTF, or we can get the blond ones.
Pauly D: Ask them if they're DTF though. Don't waste no time today. It's Saturday.

Angelina smushed Vinny the other night. She's all over Jose tonight. She got game. Can't hate.


My chick has got my sweatpants on. Pauly D's chick's got his sweatpants on. We're about to get our smash on.

The Situation

I got front-row seats for a slam session.

The Situation

Jose: I'm not gonna respect you telling me now, and tomorrow you're kissing somebody else.
Angelina: [to camera] Some people think hooking up means kissing. Some people think hooking up means having sex. If he's gonna think that I just kissed Vinny, then we don't gotta go ahead and tell him any more.

The Situation: Angelina is the Staten Island Ferry: everybody gets a ride, and it's free.

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