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Vinny's family comes to visit from New York. His uncle Nino is hilarious, and his mother is Vinny's only true love, cooking dinner for the whole house and being a general sweetheart.

The heat is on Angelina for banging Vinny while dating Jose. The Situation threatens to rat her out, but Jose comes away thinking she and Vinny only kissed, and gets over that.

Pauly D and the Situation make various booty calls, with varying degrees of success, and become as sleazy as humanly possible. Then Pauly D meets a really nice girl.

One he wants to, like, date. Vinny has the same experience. They plan a double date, only for Vinny to be stood up. It's actually very sad.

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Soory for the additional comment. Yo Vinny stop visiting the Staten Island dump!!! You can do a lot better than Angelina! I know you were drunk, but come on man!!


It was sad for Vinny to get stood up, that sucked. Vinny should go back to TANTRA and talk to Ramona and see what's up! Does she have a boyfriend or what? Vinny is a nice clean cut looking guy, but sometimes the way Sitch treats him is kinda not so cool! Sitch you don't have to have all the girls in Miami! Share the wealth you know what I'm sayin? It looked like you had moved on from the blonde and were with a brunette. What's up dog?

Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Vinny is gonna take the girl he's in love with. I'm gonna take the girl I'm in love with. You can come, too.

Pauly D

If someone hands you a Bentley, you're just gonna keep driving.