Thank you, Mike, because you're an a—hole and we hate you and you're a bad person and you were born in 1965.


I just heard that you guys were mad at me, but I didn't do anything. So I'm mad at you for being mad at me for no reason.

Pauly D

People think I'm dumb, but I'm really not that dumb.


Sammi: Don't ruin your life over me.
Ronnie: You are my life now.

I never thought you would ever, like, do that to me, and you did ... I always knew what I had, and, like, you didn't.


I need someone who understands what I'm going through.


[on Snook] I care about her too much to let her smash two nights.


Deena and Snooks have just shown again why they defy the laws of intelligence.


Whatever... f*%k my life. Sh!t happens.

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