[to Grenade] Do you need me to call a friend to pick you up? I can definitely get you a taxi.


JWoww: You're going home? You're outta here? Nice meeting you!
Snooki: Toodles, whore.

[to Ron] I love you. I miss you. I just want to go in the bed and cuddle with you.


I have feelings for Ron and I love and miss him, but it's, like, difficult because I'm trying to be strong and I'm trying not to go back there but I do have feelings.


It was no, like, 'Mike wanted to snuggle and I said no.' Because I don't want you. Just so you know.


Deena: What's that church called? ... It starts with a V. Vatican?
Ronnie: Vatican. That's the one that Leonardo da Vinci painted with his hands.
Vinny: I'm pretty sure it was Michelangelo.

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