I got an idea - how about guys vs. girls. Baze and I will be on the same team for once.


Emma: I'm sorry I told you to lie, apparently who you are is more appealing than I realized.
Baze: Thanks?
Emma: And if you need a couple hours because of the kid, the illegitimate one, that can probably be arranged.

I think we always try to see the good in people we love.


If you want a daughter that's you, I'm sorry, but I think you've got the wrong kid.


During parent teacher conferences I was always minus the parent.


Cate: We're you're family now me and Lux.
Ryan: So what? Paige isn't?

Is that why you came last night? To get in on their cheating ring?


Baze thank G-d you answered. How do you get yourself unhigh?


Are you telling me I just inhaled a loaf of pot banana bread?

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