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Flynn: Congratulations, kid. We should all sign on as witnesses!
Provenza: Now this is the best deal we've done so far.

How weird is it that I'm happy to be an orphan?


If it's any comfort to you Daniel, yesterday I was reminded how much good father's are willing to sacrifice for their children. You're not cut out for the job.


Sir, I am afraid medical attention will not be reaching you in time. May I have a name to put on your death certificate?


It's always nice when the LAPD recognizes our jurisdiction.


Provenza: I thought you were just covering your ass so we could keep our case.
Sharon: I was precisely following the law.
Provenza: God. It's like working for a hall monitor every single day.

Rusty: Are you sure about all of this?
Sharon: Honey, I do this for a living.

Oh I hope not, Captain, I should certainly hope not.

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